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IBV of superior family houses Dolná Tížina

The investment project in the village of Dolný Tižina, aimed at the construction of six above-standard family houses, is suitable for investment for four years, where a yield of 12% per annum is expected. The project is currently in the stage of preparation for construction, which ensures sufficient time for the appreciation of your funds. The investment will be paid upon completion and sale of the houses. The expected completion date for the project is 12/2026.   If interested, the client can not only invest in the project, but if they like the superior family home, they can also purchase it through our real estate agency for personal ownership.
Expected return
12% p.a.
Length of investment
Minimum investment
2 000€
Target amount
200 000 €
Project type
Family house
Target fulfilled at 0% Target fulfilled at 0%

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